Nina Petropoulea



° warm grey, in different hues, shades and tints, is Nina’s favorite color
° before becoming a stylist, she dreamed of becoming a stylist
° Amsterdam is her beloved city, her second home
° instead of buying girly magazines as a child, she buys interior design magazines
° she studied graphic, interior and theatre design
° a rare visual aesthetic, mastery of color and composition, organized and practical nature are her skills in styling
° her partner says she is meticulous, she says this is why she is a stylist
° she believes honesty is a strong plus in people
° after having her MA degree in Scenography in 2000, she moves from Central England to The Netherlands
° she was trained by Juan Carlos Tajes in commedia dell’arte mask making
° her favorite song is The lady in red by Chris de Burgh, -she does not fancy red though
° Great Danes catch her eye
° in 2005 she meets designer Faas van Dijk and interior architect Henk Peter Doornebal and finds her personal style ID
° she loves wool and felt in design
° her three cats live with her in an apartment in Athens
° in childhood she was in love with Terry Grandchester -she still has butterflies for him
° she is also trained to become a dog trainer
° Banana Yoshimoto is her favorite writer
° she loves traveling by train
° tango could be a passion for her
° she is an xxhot latte coffee type
° latin american spanish is the sexiest language, in her opinion
° healing would be her superpower
° she likes to deep her toes in hot sand
° chocolate is heaven taste for her
° since 2008 she works next to interior photographer Vangelis Paterakis
° she still is a child of Ozenfant